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The Zig Ziglar Corporatiom
Making       A.       Difference       In       T   n   e       W  o   r   1   d
Zig Ziglar
August 10, 2001

Chaplain Lee Brown
Ms. Valrie Perry
FC! Yazoo City
Post Office Box 5050
Yazoo City, Mississippi 39194-5056
Dear Chaplain Brown and Ms. Perry:
I am so pleased to be able to advise you that Mr. Ziglar is scheduling his return to Dallas from Jackson to allow him time to visit the Veteran's Group at FCI Yazoo City on Thursday, September 6. Working backwards from his departure time of 5:05 p.m. that afternoon, and allowing an hour for the drive from Yazoo City to Jackson, I believe if he leaves the facility by 3:00 p.m. he should have ample time to drive to the airport and return his rental car. If you can allocate about an hour for him to speak to the inmate population at FCI Yazoo City, we can plan for him to arrive there around 1:30 p.m.
Please let me know what more we can do to facilitate this visit by Mr. Ziglar. You may contact me by phone at 800/527-0306 or 972/383-3221; by fax at 972-991-1853; and by email at
We truly are excited about this opportunity for Mr. Ziglar to visit with you and your associates. I look forward to hearing from you with further details.

aurie Magers Executive Assistant
to Mr. Ziglar cc: Richard V. Hamilton, III, MBA/MHA/AWIP
2009  Chenault,  Carrollton, TX 75006 USA   .   800.527.0306    972.233.9191    Fax.972.991.1853   •

September 8, 2012
To whom it may concern:
Americans are now observing crime gone rampant especially among
our youth. Recently I have been informed by a law enforcement authority
that we may see riots in our streets. There is a growing cancer of lawlessness
in our society.
As a minister of the gospel for over six decades,as well as a counselor
for over two decades, I am appalled over what is in our immediate
future. We stand in dire need of an individual who has experienced this
evolving monster which may engulf us.
Recently I was fortunate to have heard a speaker at Millbrook High
School in Raleigh, North Carolina. The speaker addressed a large number
of students as he related his personal dealings with crime. As I watched
their faces I knew he had reached their hearts and souls. This was later
verified by their open positive response to what they had heard. Thus I
became convinced that he was the individual that is needed to assist in
crime prevention. Never have I experienced such a demanding and convincing
authority who could lead our youth to become outstanding in our
community to defeat this enemy in this time.
Once you hear Richard Hamilton III you may also agree that his life
story could create a moving book and documentary film.
Dr. Peter H. Burges


College of Law

May 13, 1999
Mr. Keith E. Olson, Warden
Post Office Box - 1280
Beaver, West Virginia 25813-1280

Youth At Risk Panel Member FCI Beckley West Virginia

Dear Warden Olson:
I have been in contact with Mr. Gilmore, Assistant Coordinator for FCI Beckley Youth At Risk Program about having Inmate Richard V. Hamilton, III come to West Virginia University and be c-ur guest speaker at our "CRIME AWARENESS DAY PROGRAM" for the community and students of Morgantown West Virginia. Members of our staff was very impressed with Inmate Hamilton's speech: FROM THE WHITE HOUSE TO THE JAILHOUSE and BEYOND last week when they were at your institution.
Our Crime Awareness Day Program is scheduled for June 8, 1999. Please advise my office of your decision by May 20, 1999, so we can make the necessary arrangements with your staff. I was told by Mr. Gilmore that Inmate Hamilton has spoken at several high schools in our area.
We will absorb all cost for transportation and salary for a staff member to accompany Inmate Hamilton to our facility.
Thank You For Your Prompt Response To Our Request.
Very truly yours,       *'

William Fisher, II
Dean and Professor of Law

Office of the Dean
PO Box 6130
Morganlown. WV 26506-6130

Equal Opponunity/Allirmauve Action ins


To: Selected School Officials, Youth Organizations and Foundations
From: Dr. H.T. Conner, former Educator and Guidance Director
RE: Availability of Gifted Speaker to Encourage Young People Stay on Track
I am providing you with the attached information because I'm convinced that I know an individual, Richard Hamilton, who has the potential to influence high school students and young adults to not make decisions and take actions that will impact on them and their love ones in a negative way.
Mr. Hamilton provides his services to help young people stay on track, not to make money. Since this gifted speaker has expenses associated with traveling, it would be helpful if he could receive funds that he could assist more teens and adults to behave and become exemplary citizens.
The attached should provide you with information about Richard Hamilton's past and abilities but should you like to have official documentation concerning his past and accomplishments I shall be glad to provide it.
H.T. Conner
5801 Branchwood Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27609


Richard is a wonderful speaker for any occasion, any age group, including youth groups.  He uses real world life experiences that are appropriate to the times, as examples to reinforce the learning process.  Richard has an easygoing nature, truly a professional and definitely is a plus point in any situation!

Barbara Jones
Sr. Finance Advisor Metro Dade Housing Authority.
Miami Dade County
Miami, Florida


January 5, 2010

I have known Richard V. Hamilton III for many years. He is a hardworking individual. He takes pride in all of his endeavors. He is a great example of a gentleman with character. I just didn't feel this way. There had been a lot of circumstances that had caused me to feel this way. He is truly someone you would want to be in your corner. I am proud to say he is my friend.

                                                                                        VaLinda Brown Hayes


I have known Richard for over ten years.  I have found him to be very passionate and inspiring.   His personal story is captivating  and the perfect motivation we need right now.  If you want to catch a rising star in the speaker world  and take advantage of his lower fee while you can, ask Richard Hamilton to speak to your group!  You won’t be sorry!!!

Nancy Lauterbach
Founder, FIVE STAR Speakers & Trainers; Former President, International Association of Speakers Bureaus
Office:  913.754.3402
Cell:  913.488.6480
Home: 913.851.1860

"Richard is a powerful and heartfelt speaker with a life-changing message for people of all ages and backgrounds. Once you hear him speak you will never be the same again. He gives you the tools to reach your highest potential… the rest is up to you!"


Don't forget you've got Zig's letter you can quote.



Michael Soon Lee, MBA, CSP
President - EthnoConnect
(800) 417-7325



“Your organization will benefit greatly from Richard Hamilton’s life experiences. He will challenge you, he will inspire you, and he will motivate you to be the best you can be!”
                                                Bryan Flanagan
                                                Zig Ziglar Corporation
                                                Plano, Texas

Bryan Flanagan
Director of Corporate Training
214-505-5109 cell



Richard V. Hamilton III  will speak openly on the dangers of drug use, peer pressure and the power of resonsible decision making. He grabs the attention of today's youth by sharing what he witnessed within the harsh environment of a Federal Penitentiary and illustrates how his years of incarceration can be linked to the decisions he made as a teenager...

Your organization will be left with a wide-eyed understanding of "CONSEQUENCE" and a realization that the decisions they make today have the potential to alter their entire life...

Now your group can experience this dynamic presentation. If you'd like to take advantage of this rare opportunity, please call "Richard Hamilton" at 770/627~2141...

Create the culture you'd like for your group. Let Richard show you how!!!

Steve Rizzo

  Millford Letters

January 8, 2013
To Whom It May Concern:
I have known Richard V. Hamilton III in a variety of capacities for many years. Richard
has been both a friend and a mentor to me since 1 was a young child about the age of nine
years old. This is vveli over 3 decades. He has been a friend to my immediate family and
has mentored me through various stages of my life.
I personally know Richard to be very well organized, efficient extremely competent, and
has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. His communication skills, both written
and verbal, are excellent. Mr. Richard Hamilton III is an intelligent, capable, dedicated,
and personable man. who has always been witty, charming, quick on his feet and has
shown sensible reactions in all the circumstances that I have seen him in. I feel confident
in saying that he is capable of handling any situation with thought!ulness and maturity.
As a motivational speaker, Richard is flexible in terms of how he deals with different
crowds. He has the ability to adapt or change his speaking style for a wide range of
groups, making it personal for each and every client.
In summary. I highly recommend Richard V. Hamilton III for any position or endeavor
that he may seek to pursue. He will be a valuable asset for any organization.
Chief Investigator Craig S. Scott
DeKalb County District Attorney's Office
556 N. McDoNouoH STREET